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Welcome back PGP blog readers our anonymous #1 post brought back great feedback from you all and led to many emails regarding questions you all had. With that being said we hope you enjoy anonymous #2 and hope you can relate to the story. As always, feels free to submit any comments you have on the topic below. Enjoy.


Dear PGP Board,

This topic is sensitive to me mainly because I can’t really talk about it with my boyfriend, because it has to do with him, and I can’t tell my family anything because anytime I mention it they just tell me to let it be… therefore I have come to you for some advice!

So my boyfriend is a kicker and punter for his high school football team. He is pretty good but recently he has devoted all of his time to this sport. This leaves me in the dust and anytime I mention to him that we need to spend more time together he gets very defensive and suggests “Don’t you want me to make it to the pros” and different things of that sort. He is pretty good, I am not going to lie and has been working with his kicking/punting coach in Dallas for the past few years. He may have a legitimate chance at the pros.

This leaves me in a bit of bind. Should I demand more time for me or am I overreacting? We see each other almost every day but never long enough to just hang out and relax. I just don’t want to get in the way of his dreams by wanting to spend more time with him.

Any advice?

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for submitting your problem to us this past week. This situation will come down to you two reaching an agreement in some way or another. Working hard to achieve something is one thing but he shouldn’t be damaging his relationships in the process. We would suggest mentioning to him that you would like to create a little more time for you two in his “busy” schedule. Suggest you only need another hour or two during the day. Go about it in a nice manner and see what he says. If he doesn’t agree than feel free to throw a fit because he isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with you. You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to spend more time with the guy you love.

Does this help? We sure hope so.

What do the rest of you guys think? Have anything else to add-on to what we responded with? Feel free to leave a comment below or shoot us an email.

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