Keeping a Secret

Good Morning Guys. We wanted to bring you a little snippet on good ways to hide secrets from your parents/kids/spouse/gf/bf etc. Let us know what you think.

So are trying to figure out the best way to hide things from loved ones? PGP has the answers for you. Though we aren’t getting into the fine details and/or specifics on this post, we really think that this will help you out. So let’s get into it!

Best Ways to Hide Your Secrets

  1. Practice Makes Perfect. Want to be good at lying? It’s times to practice. Practice stating what your lie is. Practice everywhere you go so eventually you won’t know what the truth is anymore. FYI if you ever get to the point where you truly believe your lie is the truth, take a step back and pat yourself on the back.
  2. Be Normal About it. Anyone who is suspecting something about you will always ask more questions when you are being frantic. This get back into practicing more often. The more you run through your game plan the more natural your secret will flow from your lips.
  3. Provide Evidence. Want people to believe you? Provide something to back what you are saying up. Even if you have to plant some type of decoy to make your story relevant…DO IT. Anything that gives your story credibility will help your case. Think like you are in court.. Would a jury believe your story without any proof? No way.
  4. Hush Your Mouth. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just shut your mouth. What they don’t ask won’t hurt you so definitely leave it that way if you can. The old phrase silence is king goes for you as well. So just be quiet and only speak about the secret when needed.
  5. Me, Myself and I. That’s right, keep the secret between you and you only if at all possible. You can only dictate what you say and who you tell. As soon as you add another person or two or three into the mix the game is over. Someone will spill the beans mark our words.

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Anonymous #2

Welcome back PGP blog readers our anonymous #1 post brought back great feedback from you all and led to many emails regarding questions you all had. With that being said we hope you enjoy anonymous #2 and hope you can relate to the story. As always, feels free to submit any comments you have on the topic below. Enjoy.


Dear PGP Board,

This topic is sensitive to me mainly because I can’t really talk about it with my boyfriend, because it has to do with him, and I can’t tell my family anything because anytime I mention it they just tell me to let it be… therefore I have come to you for some advice!

So my boyfriend is a kicker and punter for his high school football team. He is pretty good but recently he has devoted all of his time to this sport. This leaves me in the dust and anytime I mention to him that we need to spend more time together he gets very defensive and suggests “Don’t you want me to make it to the pros” and different things of that sort. He is pretty good, I am not going to lie and has been working with his kicking/punting coach in Dallas for the past few years. He may have a legitimate chance at the pros.

This leaves me in a bit of bind. Should I demand more time for me or am I overreacting? We see each other almost every day but never long enough to just hang out and relax. I just don’t want to get in the way of his dreams by wanting to spend more time with him.

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Anonymous #1

For all of our readers out there, this is the format in which we will be hosting our weekly (sometimes daily) secret answer sessions. After a secret that we see as intriguing and possibly entertaining is submitted from our secret submission form we will then move forward and answer it in a new post. All submissions are kept anonymous for the privacy of the submitter. With that being said, we hope you enjoy the first ever PGP Q/A. Don’t forget to leave your comments below with any advice or questions you have.


Hey PGP Board,

I have a dilemma and I am GLAD I found your site when I did. I can’t talk to anyone about this because it literally has to do with my best friend and my sister. I can’t turn to my family because I am afraid they will spill the beans. I can’t turn to my friends because well they are friends with my best friend. This leaves me with no other option but to come to you for advice. I figured it wouldn’t hurt for a little advice.

So here is the situation… My sister and best friend are dating and have been for around 3 years. I recently spotted my very own sister with another man at a bar the other night. I figured it was just a friendly gathering until I saw them making out. As much as I am wanting to tell my best friend I don’t want to throw my sister under the bus. 1 because my parents would be p/o’d at me and my sister. Either way it is a lose lose. If I don’t tell me best friend he will continue to be getting cheated on probably. If I snitch on my sis she will be not s forgiving to say the least. WHAT SHOULD I DO????

PGP Board:

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